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Women’s Weekend 2022

Mushrooms, pickles, and karaoke. What do they all have in common? Well, this year they were each part of a vast and unique list of class options offered at Women’s Weekend. A mushroom tour around Takodah’s 500+ acres, a visit to the annual Winchester Pickle Festival, singing Karaoke at the top of our lungs in the […]

Origins of The Titanic

The Moral of This Story is to Wear a Life Preserver: The Broadside Origins and Summer Camp Legacy of “The Titanic By Courtney Greer From when I was ten years old until I was in college, I spent my summers at a summer camp in Richmond, New Hampshire, first as a camper and later as […]

Sacred Places

Sacred Space Love By Lava Mueller Here is a story about Camp Takodah and the power of love. So I’m seventeen years old, just graduated from high school, and getting ready for a big transition from small-town Maine to big-city Boston when college starts in the fall. This is my first summer at this beautiful, […]