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Essential Eligibility Criteria

Essential Eligibility Criteria

We strive to create summer camp programs that are accessible and enjoyable for as many youth/teens as possible. In everything we do, we make safety the top priority. We also recognize the limitations of our facility, program, and staff. Below is a list of Essential Eligibility Criteria (EEC) deemed necessary for participation.

Your child should be able to do the following at an age-appropriate level:

  • Understand and follow directions of staff
  • Communicate needs and concerns to staff
  • Identify and avoid health/safety risks
  • Maneuver rugged terrain and distances
  • Follow a varied individual schedule and manage free time
  • Assume responsibility for personal hygiene
  • Maintain proper nutrition and hydration
  • Refrain from abusive behaviors toward self and others
  • Adapt to a group living environment, with little downtime from others
  • Participate fully in all scheduled activities and programs
  • Demonstrate social and emotional skills in managing stress and conflict
  • Contribute to the positive community and spirit of Takodah

We are not able to provide an attendant (one-on-one staff member) to address a camper’s personal needs, nor can we accommodate medical conditions or impairments requiring treatment beyond the scope of our health center and nurses.

Before enrolling a child with special medical, mental, social, or psychological needs, please contact us to discuss potential accommodations.