Staying in Contact


Writing letters to your camper is very important. Letters help campers get through feelings of homesickness by feeling connected with home. Writing letters home also help campers reflect on their camp experiences. Hand-written letters are the best. Avoid overly sentimental messages that might create feelings of homesickness. Please send letters to:

Camper Name
Cabin # ____
Camp Takodah
55 Fitzwilliam Road
Richmond, NH 03470

You may also send a care package to the same address (we ask families to send no more than one care package per child per session). Please do not send food, gum, or candy in the care package because it attracts pests and rodents to cabins. Any food sent in care packages will be discarded.


Believe us when we say that campers prefer “real letters” to emails by far. However, for your convenience, you may send one-way emails to your child:

Email Your Camper

Type the full name and cabin number in the subject line.

Since campers don’t have computer access, they won’t be able to respond by email.

Because we have 350 campers at a time, we ask that you only send one message per day—and ask friends and family to use the service sparingly.

Please resist the temptation to send short, non-specific emails because they can actually create feelings of homesickness—instead consider writing fewer messages that are more meaningful.

Our office team will print and deliver email messages one time per day. Please be mindful that the office staff may see messages as they are printed and distributed.

Daily Photos

With 350 campers, it’s unlikely that you’ll see a photo of your camper every day. You can read more about our Photo Philosophy.

View Photos on SmugMug

About a week before your session, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a password to access the photos from your session. Feel free to share the password with relatives and friends.

Social Media

Follow Camp Takodah online:

Staff members are prohibited from “friending” and/or interacting privately with campers on social media platforms or online. Please help your child to understand that our staff members need personal space in their “outside lives.”

Cell Phone Policy

Parents sometimes want to talk with their children while at camp because they think it cuts down on homesickness and/or child-sickness. Our experience shows that the exact opposite is almost always true. Talking to parents inevitably increases feelings of homesickness, even for children who love camp. It not only affects your child, but it also has a negative impact on campers around them.

For those reasons, campers are prohibited from bringing cell phones to camp, and they are not permitted to make calls home.

If there are any situations that require parent contact, your division head will call you with your child. If you are concerned about your child, please feel free to call the office. We are happy to check on your camper and call you right back.


Because visitors to camp almost always create feelings of homesickness—and have a negative and disruptive impact on other campers around them—Camp Takodah does not permit visitors except in emergencies or during changeover weekends (for 4-, 6-, and 8-week campers). If you have an emergency, please contact the Camp Office to make arrangements. In the event that local families need to drop off mail, forms, or packages, we ask that they do so discreetly and directly to the office, without stopping at any cabin or program area.

Please ask well-meaning friends and relatives to refrain from making unannounced visits to camp.