Requesting a Cabin Mate

Before making a cabin mate request, please consider this thought from Jenn, who is mom to two children in Girls Camp (ages 10 and 13):

I feel strongly that summer camp should not be a place for my children to hang out with their “home friends.” I thought it was important that they bunk with unacquainted kids as a way to encourage independence and overcome the anxiety of the unfamiliar. Meeting new cabin mates and cultivating relationships are the hallmarks of a true summer camp experience. These are skills they will need as they continue to grow and mature. I appreciate the camp supporting my wishes and helping my kids to develop new treasured, lifelong friendships that extend beyond the boundaries of their school yard.

Jenn, Mother of Two Campers

We make every effort to honor requests in ways that maintain the integrity of our “Friendly to All” emphasis on helping campers make new friends. Cabin mate requests are reserved for NEW CAMPERS ONLY. Each new camper is allowed one cabin mate request as long as they follow the proper procedures. We cannot accommodate more than one request per camper under any circumstance.

In making cabin mate requests, families need to follow these guidelines:

  • Each camper may only request one other camper
  • Both campers must request each other
  • Both campers must be at the same camp and of the same age— if one camper is older, they must drop down to the younger cabin
  • Both requests must be made in writing during the registration process or in an email to the Camp Office at least three weeks before your session


Twins will be put into separate cabins.

Camp Takodah is not able to make cabin changes on Opening Days for any reason.

Please email your cabin mate request to