We do our best to capture the spirit of summer at Camp Takodah.

Our two-person media team understands that these photos are your only window into your camper’s Takodah experience, and we take that responsibility seriously. Because we regularly hear from parents inquiring about our workflow and philosophy, we’ve compiled the following to help answer your questions and let you know what you can expect from the media team when your camper is at Takodah.

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Photo Philosophy

We upload images to SmugMug one time per day.

We strive to upload photos to SmugMug no later than 8:00 PM EST every day (except the last day of each session) unless technical issues like WIFI cause a delay. We’ve chosen SmugMug because it allows us to protect the photos with a password, which is important to many parents who value online privacy for their children. You’ll receive the password in a confirmation email on the Wednesday before you arrive at camp (plus a reminder after your drop off your camper). You’re also welcome to call the Camp Office (603-352-0447) to request the password. Feel free to share the password with friends and family. In addition to password-protection, SmugMug enables you to download high-resolution originals for free, order prints if you like, and share photos directly on social media.

We can only guarantee that your camper will appear in their cabin photo.

Our objective is to best capture the spirit of a session at Camp Takodah. Due to the varying nature of the camp day, as well as the sheer number of campers we serve during the week, we cannot guarantee your camper’s appearance in photos outside of their cabin photo.

Cabin photos are taken when all campers are present and are uploaded when all cabin photos are complete.

For most cabins, cabin photos are taken on the Monday morning after opening day. However, when a camper arrives late, we take their cabin photo later in the week. We upload all cabin photos to a dedicated gallery after we’ve finished taking all cabin photos.

We take more pictures of South Camp than North Camp.

We have 230 campers in South Camp compared with 120 campers in North Camp. As a rule of thumb, we usually post about 150 photos of South Camp and 100 photos of North Camp each day. However, the number of photos will vary from day to day, and we have no set minimum or maximum photos per day.

Some campers are pictured more than others.

Some campers actively seek out our media team, while others couldn’t care less — and some even avoid the media team altogether. In addition, some campers pursue classes or activities that are harder to photograph for a number of reasons. For example, if your child takes critter catching where they’re always venturing to remote places on our property, then they won’t be photographed nearly as often as campers taking low ropes in the heart of camp.

We rarely take photos inside of cabins or other buildings.

To ensure the safety and privacy of our campers, we very rarely take pictures inside of cabins, and we never take photos in bathhouses (twins). This includes times when campers are inside cabins due to inclement weather. Also, we don’t take nearly as many photos inside buildings, like the dining hall, simply because the poor lighting results in lackluster photos.

There are far fewer photos to upload on days when we have inclement weather.

Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather. On days when campers have to spend considerable time inside their cabins or other buildings due to weather, we won’t be able to take as many pictures.

We capture a wide range of emotions. Don’t worry if your camper isn’t smiling in one picture.

We do our best to capture the range of emotions experienced by campers throughout the session. While you’ll often see joyful faces, you’ll also see photos of campers concentrating on learning a new skill. Other times, you might see photos of campers during transitional times when a flat affect probably just means they’re waiting for the next activity. Just because your camper isn’t smiling in a photo doesn’t mean they’re unhappy or upset. If your camper is unhappy over an extended period of time, you’ll hear from us.

We can’t fulfill photo requests.

We don’t have the capacity to fulfill specific photo requests while maintaining our commitment to capturing the spirit of the Takodah experience.

We regularly upload our favorite images to our social media sites.

You can follow along on Facebook and Instagram. You’ll also find weekly videos on YouTube.