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Dates, Positions & Salaries

A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove… but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.

It’s true…and…like the rest of us, you’ve got bills to pay—and you deserve fair pay for your work. Bottom line is, you won’t get rich working at camp. You can undoubtedly make more money working a 9 to 5. But we truly value you and the impact you make. That’s why we pay better-than-average summer camp salaries. Also, consider this: summer camp staff typically save more money than their non-camp peers because their living expenses are next to nothing during the summer. Trust us, nobody ever regrets working at summer camp.


  • Program Planning Retreat: May 18-20 (Program Staff only)
  • Supervisor Orientation: June 10-13 (Supervisors only)
  • First Aid / CPR / Lifeguard Re-Certification: June 14 (optional)
  • Staff Orientation: June 15-22 (mandatory for all staff)
  • Summer Camp: June 24 – August 17
  • Cleanup Day & Staff Appreciation Banquet: August 18
  • Family Camp: August 19-25

Salary Base Rates & Increases

All staff receive free meals, lodging and certifications. In addition to the base rates in the table below, staff members receive the following salary increases:

  • Staff on the Cabin and Support Teams receive an additional $10 per week for every year of college (capped at four years).
  • Staff on the A-Team receive an additional $10 per week for every summer completed in the same position.

Staff Referral Bonus

Nobody knows better than you do what makes an outstanding staff member. You also know firsthand that your happiness and success this summer will largely depend on your teammates. That’s why we’re asking you to recruit your friends to work at camp this summer.

In appreciation for referring a new staff member to Takodah, you’ll receive a $100 bonus, as long as they complete their contract. Easy as that. Refer as many friends as you can. If you have someone in mind, please contact us at or 603-352-0447.

Positions & Salaries

Cabin Team

Base Rate: $225 per week (9 weeks)

  • Cabin Leader
  • Leader Corps Leader
  • Leaders-In-Training Leader
Program Team

Base Rate: Cabin leader pay plus $10 per week

  • Waterfront Specialist (10 weeks)
  • Ropes Specialist (10 weeks)
  • Trip Specialist (9 weeks)
  • Photographer & A/V Specialist (9 weeks)
SC A-Team

Base Rate: $275 per week (10 weeks)

  • Division Head
  • Leadership Dev. Director
  • Program Head: Athletics
  • Program Head: Hobby Nook
  • Program Head: Nature
  • Program Head: Ropes Course
  • Program Head: TPAC
  • Program Head: Waterfront
  • Evening Programs Coordinator
  • Program Director
NC A-Team

Base Rate: $275 per week (10 weeks)

  • Division Head
  • Program Head
  • Program Director
Support Team

Base Rate: $225 per week (9 weeks)

  • Kitchen Crew
  • Kitchen Crew Chief
  • Maintenance Crew
  • Maintenance Crew Chief
  • Office Assistant
Healthcare Team

Salary: See Below (9 weeks)

  • Healthcare Assistant ($250 per week)
  • Healthcare Manager ($300 per week)
  • Registered Nurse ($1,000 per week)