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Dates, Positions & Salaries

2021 Dates

  • Supervisor Orientation: June 12-15 (supervisors only)
  • International Staff Orientation: June 15-17 (international staff only)
  • Staff Orientation: June 17-25 (mandatory for all staff)
  • Summer Camp: June 27 – August 20 (all staff)
  • Cleanup Day: August 21 (all staff)
  • Family Camp: August 21-28 (optional for all staff)

Please note: Staff should expect to work the entire summer. We might have a few spots available for those who can only work half of the summer, but full-summer applicants will be given priority.

Salary Base Rates & Increases

All staff members receive free meals, lodging, and certifications. In addition to the base rates in the table below, staff members receive the following salary increases:

  • Staff on the Cabin and Support Teams receive an additional $10 per week for every year of college (capped at four years).
  • Staff on the Ad-Staff receive an additional $10 per week for every summer completed in an Ad-Staff position.

Staff Referral Bonus

Invite your friends to join you at camp! When you refer a friend to camp, you’ll receive a $500 bonus, as long as they complete their contract. There’s no limit to the referral bonuses so reach out to all your friends. If you have someone in mind, please contact us at or 603-352-0447.

Positions & Salaries

Cabin Team

Base Rate: $250 per week

  • Cabin Leader
  • Leader Corps Leader
  • Leaders-In-Training Leader
Program Team

Base Rate: Cabin leader pay plus $10 per week

  • Waterfront Specialist
  • Ropes Specialist
  • Target Sports Specialist
  • Trips Specialist
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
South Camp Ad-Staff

Base Rate: $300 per week

  • Division Head
  • Leadership Development Director
  • Inclusion Specialist
  • Program Head: Athletics
  • Program Head: Crafts
  • Program Head: Nature
  • Program Head: Ropes
  • Program Head: Performing Arts
  • Program Head: Waterfront
  • Evening Programs Coordinator
  • Program Director
North Camp Ad-Staff

Base Rate: $300 per week

  • Division Head
  • Program Head
  • Program Director
Support Team

Base Rate: $250 per week

  • Kitchen Crew
  • Kitchen Assistant Crew Chief
  • Kitchen Crew Chief
  • Maintenance Crew
  • Maintenance Crew Chief
  • Office Assistant
Healthcare Team

Salary: See Below (9 weeks)

  • Healthcare Assistant ($275 per week)
  • Healthcare Manager ($325 per week)
  • Registered Nurse ($400 per day)