Boys Camp

Camp is the Last Safe Place to Be a Kid

Ages 8-15

Kids come in all shapes, sizes, and abilities. They grow up to develop very different passions and talents. But society forces them to wrestle with the same questions: what are the rules of being a guy, and can I live up to them? When stacking up seems impossible, they start feeling anxious and insecure.

That’s why the Boys Camp experience has never been so important.

We break down stereotypes and free kids to be themselves. Without the social pressures of a co-ed environment, kids can be themselves and focus on their own interests. Learning there’s nothing wrong with sharing their feelings, they can develop true and lasting friendships. Guided by positive role models, they can learn there’s not just one way of being a kid, all while growing more independent, confident, and empathetic.

We live in a co-ed world, but a couple of weeks at Takodah is exactly what your child needs.

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We’re delighted that you’re considering Takodah for your child. We know summer camp is a huge decision, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Contact us at 603-352-0447 or We’ll help you decide if Takodah is right for them, and we’ll even connect you with a current camp family who’ll share their experiences with you.