Changeover Weekend

If your camper is registered for 2+ consecutive sessions, then we’ll assume they’ll stay with us at camp during the weekend(s) between those sessions (called changeover weekends). Most campers LOVE changeover weekend, while some prefer to go home for the weekend. If you would like your child to stay for the changeover weekend, you don’t need to do anything. If you would like to pick up your camper for the weekend, please complete the below form.

Changeover Form

Please note: The changeover program is only available to campers attending 2+ consecutive sessions. We’re not able to accommodate additional campers.

What You Can Expect

At the end of pickup on Closing Day, all changeover campers come together to form new cabins. Just like during regular camp, campers are divided into gender- and age-appropriate cabins.

Our Leaders-In-Training (high school seniors in our Leadership Development Program) plan the weekend for the changeover campers. Of course, our summer camp staff and leadership team supervise and support the LITs to ensure a safe and fun experience. All of our normal safety and supervision standards apply.

While every changeover weekend is a little different, campers get to enjoy having the run of camp while taking a little more time to rest and relax. Campers get to sleep a little later, spend time in their favorite program areas (like the waterfront and ropes course), and enjoy a movie night. Our chefs provide all of their meals and snacks.

During Opening Day, our leadership team helps the changeover campers move into their new cabins to start another amazing session of camp.

Visiting Your Camper

Some families like to visit their campers during the changeover weekend. Most of those families take their camper out to lunch in Keene, NH or Brattleboro, VT on Saturday. Both are just about 25 minutes from camp, and offer all the dining, entertainment, and shopping you need. If you would like to visit your camper, please contact the camp office at 603-239-4781 or We’ll simply need to know what times you plan to pick up and return your camper. The person picking up the camper will need to be listed on the Camper Security Form, which you’ll fill out when dropping off your camper on Opening Day.

When you arrive to visit your camper, please proceed directly to the Camp Office. You’ll need to sign out your camper. When you return to camp, simply return to the Camp Office to sign in.

Laundry Service

We offer a laundry service to changeover campers through a local vendor. We collect laundry from campers on Friday and then return it to them on Sunday. We simply charge campers for the cost of the laundry (usually $12-15). We deduct the charge from their Camp Store account, so please make that a consideration when depositing money for your camper.


If you would like to learn more about changeover weekend, please contact the camp office at 603-2389-4781 or