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Summer Camp Staff

The staff is all so kind and supportive. I could just be myself with them.

Hannah, Takodah Camper

Takodah has a reputation for its caring, mature, and responsible staff. We recruit warm and friendly college students from around the world based on their character and proven ability to work with youth. Most of our staff are former campers who know firsthand how to help kids feel right at home, make friends and have fun.

Because safety is our highest priority, all of our staff members pass rigorous applications, interviews, reference checks, and criminal background checks. They also attend nearly two weeks of training before campers arrive. All program specialists hold certifications in their areas of expertise, such as Lifeguard and Ropes Course Facilitator.

With one staff to every three campers, Takodah has one of the best staff-to-camper ratios in the country.


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