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100 Years Ago – Fall 2018

In the Report of the County Secretary, dated September 14, 1918, Daniel Lorentz said that they had “26 boys and 5 leaders that were enrolled in the summer camp,” which was nearly on par with the 1916 season (a majority of 1917 and 1918 had been focused on raising funds for the YMCA’s War Work […]

Super Tuesday and The Search For The First Cabin

Super Tuesdays are the best. This is the day when campers get to pick from a variety of special classes in which to spend an afternoon exploring one particular area of interest. It might be riding the zip line over Cass Pond, completing a Nature Nook challenge, or building a model rocket. Or maybe it’s […]

Walking in the footsteps of the Pioneering Takodians

During the Centennial Summer of 2016, I started to give a lot of thought to our humble beginnings. While we’ve all been part of Takodah’s journey of growth along the shores of Cass Pond, the fact remains that our earliest days were spent in two other places. It became a mission of mine to figure […]

The Whistling of the Winds and the Transformation of Camp Takodah

On September 9th, 1938, a beast was born in the Atlantic. It was a monster with no name. It was a monster with no shame. It crossed the ocean, starting from the west coast of Africa, gained strength through the Caribbean, and then turned due north with its sights set squarely upon the eastern seaboard […]