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100 Years Ago: The Elwells

100 years ago, Oscar and Frances Elwell arrived at YMCA Camp Takodah. Together, they transformed our organization from an encampment of a dozen campers and staff into one of the most celebrated Y camps in New England. The property and programs we enjoy today were shaped and molded from their combined century of service and […]

Letter from the President

To the community of the Takodah YMCA, When I think about the past year, I find myself imagining a whole range of “what if” scenarios. It’s almost hard to believe that we emerged from being totally shutdown to feeling surprisingly normal in the midst of moments that we will surely reflect upon many decades from […]

Letter from the Executive Director

The power of Camp was on full display this summer, and I couldn’t be happier. I know Ryan, Carlie, and I watched opening day approach with a bit of trepidation. After tremendous disappointment in 2020, campers, staff, and parents descended on the shores of Cass Pond. Everything we worked so hard for was finally coming […]

Letter from the Executive Director – Spring 2021

This year, perhaps more than ever, we were reminded about the power of Camp. I believe we confirmed what we always knew: a summer without camp is no summer at all. We also confirmed something else to be true: the deep connections Takodah fosters stretch far beyond the shores of Cass Pond. If you’re like […]