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Meet the Camp Director: Sarah Cunningham Castro

Ryan Reed — March 28, 2022


Join us in welcoming Sarah Cunningham Castro back to Camp Takodah as our Camp Director!

In case you missed the announcement, you can watch the video:

Read along to learn some of her favorite things about Takodah and beyond.

What CT are you on?

CT 15 – though this will be my 17th summer since I started out at Mini Camp.

What LIT year are you?

2008 and our LIT song was Mama Mia by ABBA. Some lyric tidbits from that song are “Back in the lodge at 10:10, jump in the hot tub again, A-Team the core values we uphold…”

Do you have a camp nickname?

As one of the many Sarah’s at Takodah in the 2000s, Scunny came to be.

Camp Favorites:

  • Meal – Chicken Patties
  • Song – Pretty much any Sunday Song will do though I do have a certain fondness for Let Me Go
  • Spot in Camp – A whicker-armed chair on Mem Porch or the Office, depending on how social I am feeling.
  • Tradition – It’s a tie between the potential that opening campfire holds for the session and the reminiscing on memories made during a session at candlelight.
  • Dog – Howie (Camp Dog in Training), though I haven’t met a camp dog I didn’t love!

 What types of classes did you teach when you were a cabin leader?

Some greatest hits from when I was teaching classes were photography, handbells, and rug making.

What’s something you’ve never done at camp that you would like to do?

I have never done riflery at Camp Takodah, it’s something that I have on my Summer 2022 bucket list for sure!

What are you most looking forward to about being back at Takodah?

Sharing Takodah with my spouse Al and our dog Howie. Singing classic Takodah camp songs in the dining hall, at the top of my lungs. As well as participating in Takodah traditions like cabaret and candlelight that I have missed the past several years.