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Takodah YMCA Blog

2023 End of Summer Update

Graeme Noseworthy — September 6, 2023

As we wrap up from the 107th summer, we have a lot to look back on, a lot to be...

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Wishing Ryan Reed all the best!

Making a lasting impact on a 110-year-old organization is not an easy thing to...

Graeme Noseworthy — August 23, 2023

Honoring Arthur Assuncao, CT 1, (1997-2022)

Tucked away in the corner of his suitcase was a little transparent plastic...

Graeme Noseworthy — December 2, 2022

You’re Welcome to Takodah Camp: Jim Doremus

You probably know that we’ve said farewell to former Executive Director...

Ryan Reed — November 7, 2022

Women’s Weekend 2022

Mushrooms, pickles, and karaoke. What do they all have in common? Well, this...

Sarah Cunningham Castro — November 1, 2022