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Sophia’s Story

Ryan Reed — May 3, 2022


Dear Friend of Takodah,

“Takodah was life-changing for Sophia this year,” said Jen (Sophia’s mom). “She was glowing when we picked her up. We have not seen her this happy and exuberant in two years.”

Takodah has been Sophia’s “home away from home” for several years. Jen has always loved the rides home from camp listening to Sophia describe every detail of what made camp so special for her. One of the best parts for Jen was hearing all about her new best friends and “big sister” mentors.

“I have always been struck by how much Sophia’s camp friends mean to her,” said Jen. “I remember Sophia spending so much time talking to her camp friends over the past two years even when they could not be together at camp. They helped Sophia get through a really hard time for her.”

When the world feels scary and lonely, Takodah plays a crucial role in helping campers remain calm and steady. Even if their memories of Takodah begin to fade, their camp friends are there with love and support, not only to get through tough times, but to celebrate happy times as well.

“I cannot imagine my life without Takodah. Camp is always my favorite part of the year,” said Sophia. “I love just escaping social media for a while and spending time with my best friends.” She joked, “It is also nice to get away from my parents for a couple of weeks every summer.”

Sophia is like many of our campers. One day everything is going well. The next day a parent falls ill or loses their job. Although parents are willing to sacrifice so much for their kids, the hard choices they face may make it truly impossible for them to afford summer camp.

“We are so lucky to have found Takodah – and we are grateful for receiving a Campership that allows Sophia to attend camp,” said Jen. “Camp has given Sophia a place to belong and grow, and we want that for every child.”

Support from friends of Takodah, like you, has been transformative for campers in the past, and it is particularly critical now because there are 141 campers who cannot afford summer camp without you. Your willingness to think of others speaks volumes of your kindness and generosity – and your donation will immediately help campers in need.

Takodah’s original song, written in 1925, captures a sentiment that resonates today more than ever:

From the friendships that we make,

In our camp on Takodah Lake.

From the aide our friends provide,

Thrives Takodah, our great pride.

Thank you for making today – and every day – brighter for kids by giving them the character, confidence, and friendships necessary to navigate life’s challenges and reach their full potential.

Very truly yours,

Artie Lang, Executive Director

Takodah YMCA

PS – Thank you for responding so quickly and generously. We promise to keep you updated during the summer on the ways your gift is making a difference.

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