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Outdoor Education: Get Involved!

Ryan Reed — October 24, 2019


Weddings at Takodah

All visitors to Camp Takodah forge their unique bonds, but every year a select few have the opportunity to write Camp Takodah into the story of their lives in a way they will never forget! Takodah offers the perfect location for a wedding – it’s beautiful, idyllic, picturesque on Cass Pond and provides a stunning backdrop for your day! All our wedding packages can be tailored to your desires and budget. Your guests will enjoy exploring the waterfront, forests and fields, and sipping wine from our terrace! We believe that one of the most important days of your life doesn’t necessarily have to last one day. Well, it doesn’t have too! We provide lodging, campfires, and activities, as well as the wedding ceremony and reception so you can bond and spend time with all your loved ones and friends all together. Your guests will only have to walk those tired dancing shoes a few feet to their onsite cabin!

You can feel good knowing that you have chosen a wedding that also gives back by supporting our nonprofit! For more information, contact Nick Wheeler at or set up a tour for a 2020 wedding.

Takodah Snow Reunions

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak to some older Takodians. There was a lot of discussion about past Alumni Retreats that no longer occur. My question is: Would there be interest in an Alumni Retreat at, for example, the end of October? Maybe one in early Spring? I am initially looking at either one day/night or a weekend. It would probably occur when there is snow on the ground. An excellent time to bond, reminisce over the campfire and enjoy each other’s company. All activities would be snow-based: sledding, hiking (survival hike?), snowman competitions, building an igloo, etc. Hobby Nook can be made available. At this point, I am looking to see if there is any interest. If there is, then I can move forward and make real plans to put it into action. I would like this to happen, but I am putting out feelers. Please email me your ideas, thoughts, feedback on past reunions: What worked? What didn’t? What you would like to see? Are you are seriously interested? Many thanks in advance! Contact Nick Wheeler at

Outdoor Education 2020 Specialized Retreat Programs

To expand the Outdoor Education program, we have some dates that need filling. For 2020. I am looking at more specialized events. Would you be interested in a second Women’s Getaway Weekend? Maybe a Men’s Outdoor Adventure Weekend? What about a Father/Son or Mother/Daughter or Family Getaway Weekend? You guys know Takodah! Tell me what you think would like to see! Can you help? I appreciate all ideas for a weekend event that we can begin the process of thinking about and putting into reality. Contact Nick Wheeler at