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P141: Kids Helping Kids

Ryan Reed — October 23, 2019


Providing financial accessibility to campers has always been a priority at Camp Takodah. We believe that “Friendly to All” is about more than word choice and holding the door for the person behind you. Rather, our motto refers to a spirit of nondiscrimination and inclusion, and we believe that breaking down financial barriers is a necessary aspect of living our values.

So, this past year, we set the goal of raising enough money to send 141 kids to camp who would otherwise not be able to afford tuition. We don’t believe that cost should ever be the reason that a child doesn’t attend camp, and at the same time, we know that we need community support to make that happen. 

As we began promoting Project 141 and asking folks to make gifts to the cause, we were blown away by the generosity. During staff orientation, our staff donated $3000 out of their paychecks. One of our very generous donors, Max Barrett-Liu, chose to match staff gifts by $2500 for a total of $5500.

Additionally, we spoke to campers about the need for financial assistance on Closing Days during CT Ceremony. We gave kids the opportunity to donate their remaining store balances to Project 141 and the vast majority of them did. In combination with donations specific to the cause, campers have already raised $50,000 this year.

From my perspective, Project 141 is a quintessential example of the Takodah spirit–we spread kindness, we lift one another up, and we give back. We are genuinely grateful to each of you for your support and for instilling such strong values in your campers. Thank you!