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Welcome Future Takodians

Ryan Reed — March 26, 2019


We’re beyond excited to welcome Future Takodians to our family:

Join us in welcoming Danika Rose to our Takodah Family! Sarah Hoffman and Dushont Marable are the proud parents.

Join us in welcoming Maddie to the Takdoh Family. Conor Stokes is the proud parent.

Join us in welcoming Iris Althea Desmond to the Takodah Family. Marissa Desmond and Chris Bertrand are the proud parents.

Join us in welcoming Griffin Clark Grow to our Takodah Family! Elizabeth (Cuddy) and Bryan Grow are the proud parents.

Join us in welcoming William Reilly Thorson (Will) to our Takodah Family! He will be a 3rd-generation Takodian! His mom (Kate Reilly), his aunt and uncle (Annie and Peter Reilly), his grandmother (Susan Moyle), and many other relatives have been campers and leaders at Takodah.

We can’t wait to see these future campers at Takodah in about seven years!

If you or another Takodian is having a baby soon, please let us know… We’re happy to send you a complimentary onesie to share in the celebration with you!