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Ryan Reed — March 26, 2019


We love hearing Alumni Updates! We got news from the Crossman (Quist) Family about their new adventure, and below that you’ll learn about our new Takodah & Beyond Series!

Crossman (Quist) Crew

Greetings from the Pacific North West! The Crossman crew has enjoyed their stay in Washington state but now have plans to move to Japan this summer for the next 3 years! If there are any Takodah alumni who are over in Japan – please reach out – it would be great to hang out! // Email Katie (Quist) Crossman

Takodah & Beyond

We are thrilled to announce our new alumni video series, “Takodah and Beyond”!

Every day we hear about the wonderful projects that Takodians are engaged in beyond the shores of Cass Pond. Because we believe that acts of friendliness should be shared, starting in April we are going to begin giving folks a platform to tell their stories on our social media pages. Every month we will feature a Takodah alumnus who is doing extraordinary work in their chosen field and we hope you will find their projects as inspiring as we do.

The aim of this series is three-fold–we want to spread positivity, support and reconnect community members, and demonstrate to current and prospective Takodians that the skills and values gained at camp are transferable to many different fields.

So, be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for all of our outstanding featured Takodians who are making the world a friendlier place.

If you know someone we should consider spotlighting in the future, let us know! All suggestions can be forwarded to