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Congratulations to Jose Noriega

Ryan Reed — December 13, 2018


JOSE NORIEGA of Mexico City Is Now the General Manager Of Club Espana – Mexico City

After managing his Senior Masters ‘Crew’ Team on October 15th for the ‘Head Of The Charles’ Regatta in Boston … Jose Noriega from Mexico City visited Dear Ole Camp Takodah and then holidayed with retired Camp Director Bill Allen in Walpole, NH. While on holiday, Jose received word from the president of the board of directors of Mexico City’s Club Espana (where Jose has been employed as its Outdoor Center and ‘Crew’ Team Manager for the past 30 years since he departed Camp Takodah after the summer of  1989) that Jose had been appointed the new General Manager of all of the units of Club Espana … An enormous operation with significant responsibilities.

Jose generously affirms his Ten Summers At Camp Takodah were the basis of his leadership and management skills that he carried back to Club Espana and which trained him for the many roles he has successfully managed.


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