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Letter from the President – Fall 2018

Ryan Reed — October 10, 2018



Barry Ripley, taken in 1984-1987, when he served as President of the Cheshire County YMCA

Barry Ripley, trustee to the Takodah YMCA since the late 90’s, past president from 1984-1987, board member/senior director since the late 70’s, and a camper during his youth, has retired from his position within the organization that he has so fondly embraced.

Barry joined the Ripley family business; Troy Mills in Troy, NH, after serving in the Army, graduate school, and Troy Mills management roles in Michigan and West Virginia. He followed in his father, F. Fuller Ripley, and great uncle, George K. Ripley, as Industrial Engineers and President of Troy Mills. These three generations of Ripley family members have collectively served as Cheshire County YMCA/Takodah YMCA Incorporators, Board Members, Presidents, Senior Directors, and Trustees for more than 85 years of our 102-year history. Barry was a Dickinson Award recipient in 1987.

Barry provided strong commitment and leadership for both county work and Camp Takodah. For those of you who remember, it was Barry and his supervisor Francis ‘Fuzzy’ Fosdick at Troy Mills who annually supplied Camp Takodah with felt carpeting (an industrial product that Troy Mills produce) to cover our waterfront dock surfaces so campers did not get wood splinters.

As trustee, Barry saw the Takodah YMCA endowment fund grow significantly. At every trustee meeting, he mentioned the need for the endowment fund to continue to grow. If you would like to learn more about the Takodah YMCA endowment fund, please contact CEO Artie Lang.

Barry has retired to Newport, RI where he will enjoy his passion for sailing. Barry brought on his daughter Rosemary Ripley, also a Takodian, to fill his seat as trustee. The Ripley name will continue to be a part of Takodah YMCA’s long storied history. Welcome aboard Rosemary.

On behalf of the Takodah YMCA organization and Board of Directors, I would like to thank Barry for his commitment and outstanding years of service to the Takodah YMCA.

Fair Winds and Following Seas.

William Parkman
Board President
Takodah YMCA