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Surprise Military Reunion

Ryan Reed — October 3, 2018


Takodah was extra special for Peter Baird this summer. Peter is a 3rd generation camper who was attending Takodah for the first time. His father, Specialist Eric Baird, had been deployed to South Korea for the previous nine months. Originally scheduled to come home at the end of the summer, Eric was able to return New Hampshire early. Peter’s grandparents (who met at Takodah) scheduled a reunion for Peter and Eric at Takodah during the last day of Peter’s session.

At the end of lunch, Camp Director Ryan Reed talked about how Takodah had always been supportive of military families, noting that we currently had several campers at Takodah with family members serving abroad. Then he played a video recorded by Eric from South Korea.

After the video, Ryan announced, “We have a special guest with us today and at this time we would like to bring him out with some of the members of his family…”

You can see what happened next.

Everyone was incredibly moved by the experience, and it’s something nobody will soon forget!