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Takodah Upgrades Class Selection Process

Ryan Reed — January 24, 2018


We’re passionate about making Takodah awesome! Based on parent feedback from last summer, we’re excited to announce a huge upgrade to our class selection process!

Truth is, our long-time class selection process is no longer up to par. Here’s how it has worked: campers get a list of all the classes upon arrival at camp. After deciding on the classes they want to take, everyone lines up. But, by the time most campers get to the front of the line, their classes are already full. How frustrating!

It won’t happen anymore!

Moving forward this year, campers will choose all their classes electronically before they even arrive at camp. You’ll receive an online catalog of classes, which has all the class names and requirements. Not only will the list have all the camp favorites, but it’ll also have some new and improved class offerings.

Your child will then get to pick their top classes, and we’ll guarantee that they’ll get six of those classes (three per week).

Knowing the classes in advance will enable us to develop our schedule and train our staff based on camper preferences.

So, what if your camper attends their first day of classes, only to find a class isn’t the right fit for them? No problem. Campers will have the opportunity to switch classes after the first day. Of course, campers will still have tons of Camper Choice time every afternoon to spend time with their friends trying out new activities and revisiting their favorites.

See you at camp!