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Letter from the President – Fall 2017

Ryan Reed — November 1, 2017


Has Camp Takodah had a significant impact on your life? Have you become a better leader, parent, or friend because of Camp? If so I call on you to join me in helping secure the future of the Takodah YMCA.

Did you know that over 30 years ago we established the Horizon Fund with purpose of ensuring our programs and facilities exist well into the future. Today our endowment fund principal sits at just over $2 million dollars, and the interest allows us to:

  • Support scholarships for both Camp Takodah & Heritage Travel
  • Continue upgrading our grounds and facilities
  • Strengthen programs and program areas
  • Remain competitive and preserve our YMCA

Planned giving allows you to leave a legacy and secure Camp and the YMCA for generations to come. A strong and stable endowment fund is crucial if we are to sustain the success, vitality, and impact of our programs. There are many options to give back to the place that helped make you who you are today; hopefully one makes sense for leaving your mark on the future. I’ve included the YMCA in my estate; I hope you’ll join me in considering a gift as well.


William Parkman, Board President