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Letter from the Executive Director – Fall 2017

Ryan Reed — November 1, 2017


So far during 2017 we’ve welcomed more Takodians that ever before! Some burst out of cars to embrace old friends, others learned about our nation’s history on NEHT or AHT, while even more found their place at Women’s Weekend. No matter what their connection, we’re proud they take the lessons learned back to their homes, their schools, their communities, and beyond.

Many of you may not know that at our Annual Meeting 2016 we voted to officially rename our YMCA to the Takodah YMCA. Throughout our history we have been the Cheshire County YMCA and later changed to the Cheshire YMCA. No matter our name we have always believed taking part in our programs builds the foundation for youth to be successful, and we hope this ripples out to making the world a better place.

Why change the name? As we begin shaping our next century we have learned that most people recognize the Takodah name and know it stands for commitment to youth and quality programming. We also understand that within our local community there is confusion between which YMCA offers excellent childcare, pool, and gym and which offers Heritage Travel, Camp Takodah, and Outdoor Education.

How does this impact our programming? Programmatically nothing changes. We still will run one of the best and most affordable camps in New England and our commitment to the Monadnock Region through Heritage Travel and Outdoor education stays strong. We believe that regardless of the YMCA program you take part in, you are part of the Takodah family, and we’re so proud to serve you.

Why has it taken us so long to officially announce it to everyone? Changing a name is no small feat. It requires lots of paperwork with the YUSA, State of New Hampshire, and more. Most importantly, we’ve been waiting until we could launch our brand new website, with all of our programs under one address! We’re so happy that it is complete and ready to launch.

We are excited to be taking the next step in the history of our YMCA. We are committed to serving youth and families through programs that build relationships develop a sense of belonging, achievement, and autonomy enabling youth to discover who they are and what they can achieve. I’m grateful for your support and honored to serve such an amazing community.


Artie Lang, Executive Director