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Takodah Vocabulary

Ryan Reed — May 24, 2017


Okay, we’ll admit it… We use some funny names to describe things at camp. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the words you’ll hear this summer:


The closing ceremony at Takodah. Held on the second Thursday night of the session, Candlelight features the lighting of 7 candles, signifying Health, Friendship, Beauty, Worship, Service, Knowledge, and Character. Afterward, everyone receives a white candle set in a birch round base and then convenes in a circle on A-Field, called the Circle of Friendship.


A triangular felt patch awarded for each year at camp.


Back Of Da Office. The A-Team (administrative team) office on the back of the main office, but sharing the same building.

Ten Year Jacket

After 10 years at camp, Takodians are awarded a jacket commemorating their time, which is presented during a special ceremony at chapel.


The bathhouses at Takodah are called the twins. There were originally two identical bathhouses side by side that were referred to as the twins. As camp expanded, the name stuck.


Daily chores completed by all campers and staff after breakfast.

Early Bird

Any camper who registers for camp before February 14th is an Early Bird and receives a camper-designed commemorative t-shirt.


A rest hour everyday after lunch. This time is generally for quiet relaxation in cabins, such as reading, writing letters, and napping.


Leaders in Training and Leader Corps are members of the Leadership Development Program at camp. LITs are 17 years-old and spend 4 weeks at camp, including 2 weeks living and working cabins. LCs are 16 years-old and spend 2 weeks at camp in less intensive leadership training.