Teacher Resources

Takodah YMCA is here to support our teachers and group leaders every step of the way in planning and preparing for their experience with us. We hope you find these resources helpful:


Once settled on Takodah, the team will draft up a contract and send you all the necessary paperwork and instructions for completion. Here is our booking and paperwork process in five simple steps:

  1. Secure your dates with a 35% non refundable deposit and signed contract paperwork.
  2. Solicit Takodah health and waiver forms from all participants with parents signatures if under 18.
  3. Request and submit a certificate of insurance.
  4. 1 month prior: more detailed Information is provided for the Takodah team about the group this includes any contract amendments, final count of participants, dietary needs and allergies, group lists, cabin lists.
  5. 3 weeks prior: All above paperwork and final payment are sent to our office prior to your event.

For programs of three days or more with schools, our leadership team will arrange with you an assembly to meet the students and in the weeks running up to the trip we will schedule a meeting with your parents to present the program and answer any questions your community has.

Our office team will support you to stay on track and answer any questions  and you will receive a call from one of our directors a few days before the program to finalize anything outstanding. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions throughout this process and we look forward to working with you and your students and parent community.

Takodah Forms

Karel was very hesitant to use the ropes course during our end of year trip to Takodah.  He’s a pretty shy guy, but is very popular with students. Karel had the courage to go up on the ropes course and push himself to try something new.  This set him up for success in our days at the camp. As his teachers we were fortunate to see a new, adventurous side of him.  This has carried over for him into his 7th grade year as he’s been more outgoing and shares his great sense of humor at school. We anticipate that as he moves forward within KIPP and other schools that he will benefit greatly from this small, but powerful experience at Takodah YMCA.

6th Grade Teacher - KIPP, MA