Changeover Zoom Scheduling Form

Your camper is enrolled in both Sessions 3 and 4, which means they will be required to stay with us at camp during the weekend between those sessions (called changeover weekend). Parents/guardians are prohibited from visiting or picking up campers during changeover weekend this year because of the COVID safety guidelines.

We know that many parents/guardians and their camper(s) might want to catch up over changeover, and so we’re scheduling times for Zoom video appointments. Please submit the form below to schedule your Zoom appointment no later than this Wednesday (August 4) at 5:00 PM EST.

Important Note: We have 30 campers who need Zoom appointments, and so we will be grateful for your flexibility in selecting all the options that fit into your Saturday schedule.

We will then send you an email on Thursday afternoon to confirm your Zoom appointment and provide the Zoom meeting details.

Click here to learn more about Changeover Weekends.