Chapel Restoration

Dear Takodian,

And the gifts of growing old,
Are the stories to be told,
Of feelings more precious than gold.

This John Denver song was sung as part of the Elwell Chapel dedication nearly 50 years ago. During the ceremony, Takodians named those precious feelings love, acceptance, friendship, and togetherness.

Uncle Oscar, speaking at the ceremony, reflected, “It should be a friendly camp, people should love each other.” It is this spirit that makes Takodah so special – and it is this spirit that is felt most strongly at our Chapel.

The Chapel is where we gather on Sundays for reflection and inspiration. It’s where we award CTs and honor jacket recipients. Where the air hums with songs and stories. And where we lose ourselves in the ripples of Cass pond as we let the world drift away for a while.

But that reflection and inspiration was forced away from our Chapel this summer.

The harsh winter washed away the Chapel – uprooting benches, exposing roots and rocks, and creating deep ruts – leaving it unsafe and unusable. The loss weighed heavy on us all summer.

Mother Nature has taken its toll on Takodah before. In the past, Takodians have always rallied to rebuild again. Now, once more, we’re calling on our Camp Family to come together in funding the repairs. With a cost of $25,000 to restore our Chapel, it’ll take all of us to make it happen.

Takodians are the kind of people who help when they’re needed. After decades of use, the time has come for us to rebuild this sacred space and reaffirm what has always make Takodah so special. This is also your chance to give back some of what Takodah has given you.

Donate now to help keep the spirit of Takodah alive for another 50 years.

Friends, I will remember you, think of you, pray for you,
And when another day is through,
I’ll still be friends with you.

In Takodah spirit,

Rob Therrien
President, Camp Takodah