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Outdoor Education – Fall 17

Throughout the 2017 Outdoor Education seasons at 48 different groups came and went. Most notably, we saw 30 school groups over 4 months of the year through this Spring and Fall, with more energy and enthusiasm than you could ever imagine. They did everything from teamwork to talent shows to roasting marshmallows and so much […]

Heritage Tours – Fall 17

Every year throughout the school year, local 7th and 8th grade students from throughout Cheshire County and beyond prepare to connect their learning with hands on, eye witness travel back into history through both the New England and American Heritage tours. In 7th grade students research and present information about various stops along the New […]

News from the Workbench – Fall 17

The last campers and groups have left camp, most of the leaves have fallen, and our Maintenance Team has shuttered camp for the winter. While Takodah feels lonely without the bustling of campers, it’s an important time for us to improve our facilities. Keith and his sidekicks, George and John, certainly have their hands full […]

Letter from the President – Fall 2017

Has Camp Takodah had a significant impact on your life? Have you become a better leader, parent, or friend because of Camp? If so I call on you to join me in helping secure the future of the Takodah YMCA. Did you know that over 30 years ago we established the Horizon Fund with purpose […]