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Opportunities Day – 2016 – THANK YOU

                    We are so GRATEFUL for the 125volunteers who BOOSTED TAKODAH this past Saturday for Opportunities Day (O-Day). It’s hard to believe such an incredible amount of work was accomplished in just a few hours: Cleaning all the cabins and buildings Painting the new Kiln Room […]

The Camp Takodah Bells

(As shared by Uncle JEF Craig and Yo-Bob Vreeland, April 13, 2016) Our years with the Cheshire County YMCA and Camp Takodah were wonderfulalmost Camelot in nature. However, in 1983, I began to feel a need for a new challenge, and just before the summer of 1994, we found ourselves along with Bob and Madeline […]

Pieces of our Past: Part 4 A Familiar Sign for Every Age

Its a hand painted sign that all of us have seen but few of us if anyone at all know its true origins. As you leave Camp, you pass underneath two words that have tremendous meaning: Boost Takodah! This week, Id like to share what I believe this is the earliest photo of the sign […]