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American Heritage Tour

8th Graders deepen their understanding of American History and how our government works as they visit Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Gettysburg, and many sites in Washington DC. Extended trips also visit Lancaster and an Amish homestead. The program begins prior to tour dates with pre arranged meetings at local schools to give students a background on the various touring sites and an opportunity to bond with their leader and team mates . The meetings are directed by the YMCA alongside volunteer staff, many of them teachers. Students gain knowledge, not just historical information, which will stay with them for the rest of their lives. and prepare them adequately for this once in a lifetime travel experience with their peers.

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The trip was filled with many learning experiences related to school and related to self. A feeling of camaraderie developed among the students and chaperones, and could be observed in the halls on Monday morning as well. This was an experience that many will remember for years to come. In the words of one of our students “It was awesome!”…

8th Grade Teacher, Wilton-Lyndeborough Cooperative