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Chris’ Corner | March 2024

Sarah Cunningham — March 4, 2024


Hello friends,

Gratitude, excitement, and inspiration.  These words capture how I feel about Takodah.  Over my first two months of being a Takodian, I confirmed what I already expected that this camp, especially the people, are truly amazing!  Takodah is Friendly to All, and it already feels like home.  

However, I am most excited about being here when new campers get welcomed in, just as my family and I have been. My advice to all of you is to trust that Takodah is a community that accepts you as your true self.  In many parts of our lives, we must wear masks to fit in, but I can tell you from my experience this place wants to celebrate your authentic self.  This may be the first community that gives you the space to figure out pieces of yourself while continually surrounding you with support.

So many of us have fun at camp, but that’s not the only reason we chose this experience.  Many parents/caregivers also know that the gift of camp provides much more than just fun memories.  A longitudinal study by the American Camp Association (2017-2022) looked at the outcomes of camp experiences and how they impacted daily life.  The top areas that camp played a larger role in development than other opportunities for youth were independence, perseverance, appreciation for differences, being present, and responsibility.  These skills are important in all our lives.  So, whether you are a parent/caregiver for the first year, a multi-generational family, a staff member, or an alumnus, please pass on to others that children need experiences like Camp Takodah.  Help others find a second home in a community that creates a sense of belonging, achievement, autonomy, and relationships.

I look forward to building our relationship in the months ahead!

In friendship,