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Introducing the Newest Takodah YMCA Board Members

Sarah Cunningham — March 3, 2024


We are please to virtually introduce you to the newest members for the Takodah YMCA Board of Director. Not only is diversity a critical component for a high functioning board, but both Katie and Todd bring the experience and the enthusiasm we need to ensure the Takodah Y continues to grow year after year. Aside from their personal and professional experience at Takodah in the past, they also regularly volunteered on our committees, made a point of participating in various activities like Opportunities Day, and were always ready and willing to lend a helping hand in whatever way we need. Even now, they’re going way beyond out monthly meetings to chair committees and take on special project work. They are raising the bar for what what makes a good board do great work! Continue on to learn more about Katie and Todd.

Katie Steele (he/him/she/her)

Katie – 2023

Katie Steele (he/him/she/her) spent 20 summers and several springs and falls at Takodah from 1993 to 2012. He started in cabin 21 at the age of 9, went through Takodah’s leadership development program (with Todd P as her LDD in LIT!), was a cabin leader for 5 summers, and ran the adventure program for 7. Katie spent countless hours out on the ropes course, taking campers on rock climbing trips, and training staff in leading adventure activities.

Climbing out on Takodah’s ropes course was a big inspiration for Katie’s undergraduate degree in Outdoor Education, and he worked in that field for various programs across the country for many years before returning to school for an MBA. Katie is now the Partner of Finance for The Management Center, a DC-based nonp

Katie – Summer 2009

rofit working to help social change leaders build and run equitable, sustainable, and results-driven organizations.

Katie is honored to be Takodah’s first openly transgender board member and excited to bring her finance experience to the Treasurer position. He now lives in Swanzey with his dog Loki, and they both love being close enough to Camp to drop in regularly!

Todd Pinsonneault (he/him)

Todd – July 2023

Todd Pinsonneault (he/him) attended camp for 26 summers between 1986 and 2012. He started as a camper and went through the LIT program before joining the staff as a cabin leader. His other camp roles included division head, maintenance, and office roles. He spent 7 summers on the waterfront in assistant and waterfront director roles, where his lifeguarding classes could be heard shouting “I’ll save you!!!” after enjoying their run-swim-run laps. Todd’s last years at camp were spent training future cabin leaders in the leadership development director role.

After earning a degree in biology, Todd spent six years teaching at a boarding school, where he shared his passion for science with his students. His commitment to education and leadership led him to pursue a master’s degree in school leadership, leading to roles as a dean of academics and dean of students at progressive boarding schools. Todd recently transitioned to the fintech sector, where

Todd – Summer 2011

he currently serves as the head of operations and compliance for a startup.


Todd currently lives in Derry, New Hampshire with his fiancé Michael and two dogs – Charlie and Olive. He began working with the alumni and finance committees last year, and is thrilled to join the board as its newest member.