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Takodah School Partnership

Ryan Reed — November 2, 2020


Camp Takodah has partnered with the Monadnock Regional School District to give children the opportunity to come to camp from Monday to Friday so their parents who are teachers are able to do their jobs during this difficult time. The kids have been engaging in academic and remote learning and have had the opportunity to fully enjoy Takodah’s facilities.

It’s awesome to see children riding their bikes around camp, learning how to shot a bow and arrow for the first time, and swim and kayak in the lake. They have participated in the high ropes course on the climbing tower too. It’s an amazing experience for kids aged 4 to 12 years to successfully learn new skills, have the freedom of the great outdoors, and allow kids to be kids laughing and having fun.

Despite these difficult times where masks and social distancing have been enforced, kids complete their school work in the dining hall and then have the time to engage in STEM programming around camp.

The partnership originally for September and October has been extended until the end of December with the potential of going into the early months of 2021, depending on how COVID unfolds during the winter.

However, do not take my opinion on the success of the program… Here are some quotes from the children and parents:

“Camp Takodah has been one of the best things to come out of this global pandemic for my two daughters. They have been able to make friends that they normally would not have been able to meet. The outdoor learning environment is beyond amazing! My girls come home and rave about the experiences they had there. I live locally and never truly understand the amazing-ness of Camp Takodah. I fully plan on utilizing them when my girls are old enough to attend in the summer for camp.” 

-Lisa Spencer, Principle of Monadnock Region Middle High School.


“I cannot speak highly enough about the experience my daughter has had at Camp Takodah for remote support camp.  My daughter who loves school has said, ‘I want to come to camp Takodah next summer for their real camp because it has been so fun!'”    

– Lori Stevens, Emerson Elementary Principal


“Being at camp Takodah is the best part of returning to school. We get to hang out with our friends, outside while going biking, swimming, and playing sports. We get help with our school work and get it all done before going home.”  

-Max Braley, 5th Grade Student


“It’s super fun. I like it because we do a lot of fun things a lot like bike riding, swimming, doing my school work, and doing crafts!”  

-Adeline Stevens, 4th Grade Student