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In Memoriam: Sherry Barndollar Rock

Ryan Reed — March 16, 2020


It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of fellow Takodian, Sherry (“Spider Legs”) Barndollar Rock on January 26, 2020. Uncle Oscar’s original and much treasured “Keene Girl”, Sherry began attending Camp Takodah in the mid-1960s and earned her 20-year jacket this past year at Family Camp with her friends and family there to honor her.

Sherry was renowned for her embrace of the Takodah motto “Friendly to All” and for her wit and adorable laughter. She was known to deeply appreciate the shenanigans of her fellow Takodians in our youth and maintained lifelong friendships with a gaggle of us. As kids, we all came from different states and traveled to New Hampshire to be with each other every August. Throughout the decades of our adult lives, and still living some distance apart, we made sure to stay in touch, not just by phone, letter, or electronic communication, but with in-person visits and excursions. In fact, we were all in Boston the very night of Uncle Oscar’s passing, Saturday, February 8, 1986 – what Providence! Sherry was an intrinsic and much-loved part of our group of (now aging) girls.

Sherry moved to Washington DC with Judy Thedford in the 1970s. Sherry married the handsome Anthony “Bud” Rock and proudly accompanied him in his 30-year foreign service career. Of all the places she lived (and brought fellow Takodians out to visit), Paris was her favorite. Sherry’s own life was devoted to service, working for several non-profit agencies, creating quilts for newborns, and more. Her husband, son, daughter, and we Takodians have honored her passing with a rocking chair on the Memorial Lodge porch. See if you can find it this year!


Judy Thedford, Andrea Gancarz Yates, Betsy Sherwin Akerman, Sue Friborg, Ginny Wilmerding, Carol Thedford, Marybeth Tarrant

(The Hadokat Gnags)

Ande, Betsy, Ginny, Sherry, Sue, Judy – late 1970s
Carol, Betsy, Ande, Ginny, Sherry, Sue, Judy (in front of the White House) – 2017
Sherry at CT – 1980s