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100 Years Ago – Fall 2018

Graeme Noseworthy — October 3, 2018


In the Report of the County Secretary, dated September 14, 1918, Daniel Lorentz said that they had “26 boys and 5 leaders that were enrolled in the summer camp,” which was nearly on par with the 1916 season (a majority of 1917 and 1918 had been focused on raising funds for the YMCA’s War Work efforts.) He went on to say that “the results of the camp have been highly gratifying. 12 of the boys learned to swim and 4 passed the United States Volunteer Life Saving test.”

Later in the report, he goes on to say that “up to the present time, we have, and probably wisely, concentrated our thought and efforts on the field which we have in Cheshire County and lived and worked for that field. From now on, we must look beyond our own borders and see the opportunities for service which are calling in such language that we dare not close our ears to the appeal to do our part in the one great work of our movement, that of bringing the world closer to the realization of a universal brotherhood and the unselfish service for others.”

Daniel’s words and actions that summer strengthened the foundation of the motto we have all learned to cherish: “friendly to all.”