Heritage Travel Mission & Philosophy

What began as the Know Your Government Tours in 1973, our Heritage Travel Programs continue to positively impact the lives of youth throughout the Monadnock Region. Working in small groups with a volunteer leader, 7th & 8th graders build relationships, nurture a sense of belonging and achievement, and learn how to be independent while on tour.



Teach major concepts in American History in a hands-on fashion.


Students become part of a “family unit” as they teach one another about the various historic sites they visit.


Students learn to make choices for themselves as they spend 3-6 days away from home.

21st Century Skills

Encourage 21st Century skills like group work, goal setting, problem solving, & supporting others.


Every student will have the opportunity to “take charge” of their group, teaching them about our country’s history.


Sharing a hotel room, riding on the bus, and eating together develops life long friendships.


  • Attend a pre set number of meetings designed to get to know your group & learn about the places you’ll go.
  • Complete research and readiness to share thoughts and presentations among peers.
  • Participate in a YMCA Community Service Project
  • Uphold high standards; displaying the YMCA core values of honesty, caring, respect and responsibility
  • Have a open-mind, willingness to challenge yourself and a positive attitude. It will be a great time!

Options for self driven fundraising and scholarships are available through the YMCA.