Family Camp Information

Friendly to All – Our Camp Motto is “Friendly to All”, and our values are Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility. We strive to reflect our motto and values in everything we do, and we ask all campers to follow them as our behavioral guidelines in camp.

Accommodations / Cabins  Your family will be assigned to a specific cabin at camp. At the end of Family Camp, please leave your cabins as nice as you found it. We ask you to respect the privacy of other families by refraining from entering cabins that are not assigned to you.

Bathrooms (Twins) – For your convenience, we have bathroom facilities (called “twins”) in each division assigned by gender.

South Camp

  • Women: Kingfisher Twins (next to Cabin 6) and Buffalo Twins (next to B Field)
  • Men:  Crowninshield Twins (next to Cabin 14 and the Sports Shack)

North Camp

  • Women: New Twins (next to the North Camp Performing Arts Center)
  • Men:  Old Twins (next to Cabin 6)


  • There is an all-genders stall in the back of the Old North Camp Twins (next to Cabin 6)
  • There are men’s and women’s bathrooms available in the Dining Hall, as well as in central camp (the Public Toilets).

Dining Service – All of our meals are served in the dining hall. We ask that you arrive at all meals on time. We are prepared to accommodate several special dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free. We are a nut-free facility. Please let us know if you have any participants with other special dietary needs.

Program Areas and Equipment – Camp Takodah has several specialized program areas, which require the leadership of a trained staff member. Please do not enter the following areas of camp unless a staff member accompanies you: waterfront, challenge courses (including climbing walls and rope swing), and dining hall kitchen. Please feel free to enjoy our hiking trails, fire pits, playing fields, and sports areas. Camp Takodah is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal equipment used during your stay.

Waterfront – The waterfront is staffed by certified lifeguards, and parents are required to accompany and supervise their children at the waterfront. When you arrive at camp, you’ll receive a copy of the waterfront rules and regulations. Special situations should be directed to our Waterfront Director.

Bikes – Takodah has mountain bikes that are available for trail riding. You are also welcome to bring your own bikes to camp. Riders are required to wear helmets at all time, and they must be respectful and give right of way to pedestrians. You may check out a camp bike from a staff member for a morning or afternoon (bikes cannot be checked out indefinitely). Please return the bike and alert a staff member when you are done with your ride.

Environment – Camp Takodah has a beautiful campus for you to enjoy. Please respect all plants, animals, and people you encounter at camp. Please use the pathways whenever possible to support erosion control. As you explore camp, please take care around natural hazards, such as ravines and fallen trees. We ask that you keep camp clean by leaving every place better than you found it. Please put litter in the trash cans, remove your shoes in the cabins, and clean up each area when you leave. We also ask you to conserve energy by turning off lights and closing windows/doors when you leave your cabins.

Weather / Storms – Camp Takodah will generally continue to operate in the rain so please dress for the weather. In the event of severe weather, a staff member will lead you in our severe weather procedures. The designated storm shelter is the dining hall.

Insurance – Camp Takodah does not provide health/accident insurance for family campers. Accordingly, health and accident insurance coverage is the responsibility of each individual. We encourage you to bring your insurance card with you in the event that you need to seek medical care.

Healthcare – Camp Takodah does not provide a nurse at Family Camp. While you are ultimately responsible for your own healthcare at camp, most of our staff members are certified in First Aid and CPR – and they are happy to help with basic first aid. We stock common first aid supplies at camp, which are available to you at no cost. If someone in your family needs advanced medical assistance, Convenient MD (urgent care) and the Cheshire Medical Center (hospital) are about 30 minutes away in Keene.

Telephone – We try to reserve the camp telephone (603-239-4781) for emergencies. If necessary, you may use a phone in the camp office, after checking in with the office staff. Unfortunately, cell phone reception is generally poor on camp property.

Internet – We have WIFI in the Dining Hall (password = camptakodah). We encourage you to stay “unplugged” while at camp, but if you need to connect, we ask that you refrain from using electronics in the Dining Hall during program activities. Please do not leave electronics unattended in any public area.

Arrival and Parking – Please park in the lot across from the soccer field (B Field). After you check in at the Camp Office (adjacent to the parking lot), you may drive to your cabin to unload your gear (use caution to avoid driving over water pipes). We ask that you then return your vehicle to the parking lot for the remainder of your stay. Please drive slowly in camp and refrain from driving on the grass.

Laundry Facilities – Laundry rooms are available for your use behind Moose Lodge, the Crowninshield Twins, and the New North Camp Twins. Laundry detergent pods are available free of charge at the Camp Office. Our washers can be a little finicky so please leave your own detergent at home and take advantage of our free detergent pods.

Alcoholic and Drugs – Alcoholic beverages and all illegal drugs/substances are not permitted on camp property.

Pets – Pets are not allowed on camp property.

Bedding – Please plan to bring your own bedding (twin size), sleeping bags, and towels.

Store Items – The camp store is open every afternoon. You’ll find apparel, souvenirs, ice cream, and some toiletries. You may pay with cash, checks, and/or credit cards.

Birthdays – We love celebrating birthdays at camp. Please let our Office Manager, Linda, know if anyone in your family is celebrating a birthday at Family Camp.

Daily Newspaper – The Takodah Times (motto: “The Truth Is No Obstacle”) is published every day, covering the daily happenings at Family Camp. Get the latest updates from the most widely circulated daily paper at Camp Takodah! Please submit articles to the Camp Office by 3:00 PM for inclusion in the evening edition.

Takodah Memory Book – The yearbook will be mailed to all campers who attend Family Camp. Our photographer will arrange a time for your family photo, which will appear in the yearbook along with some wonderful candid photos.