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Connecting Kids to Service

When I was a camper, Camp Takodah Candlelight ceremonies offered me nothing short of an education. For the uninitiated, Candlelight is the final evening program of each session at Takodah. The ceremony is held in Memorial Lodge, and it’s reflective, thought-provoking, and visually stunning–the building is dimly lit except for thousands of candles. Throughout the […]

Building Conflict Competency in Youth

No one likes conflict. We don’t like it when people are mad at us, when we don’t get our way, or when it feels like no one is on our side. Whether you call Generation Z entitled, empowered, or both, it’s undeniable that we are raising one of the most conflict-rousing generations in decades. These […]

Growth Mindset

Within the wide world of youth development, mindset has become a topic of intense interest. In general, researchers have focused on two primary types of mindsets and the impacts that they can have on performance and approach to challenge. The first type of mindset is a “growth mindset”, and people who think this way subscribe […]